Tuesday, June 16, 2009

20 months old...

Wow, Vera turned 20 months old a few days ago. Time is flying by.

Vera has continued to grow and change. She is now 25 pounds, she has gained 1 pound in the past two months. I was planning on measuring her length so I had a record of it, but have yet to remember to do that. Once I remember, I will edit the post. So, if you need to know how tall Vera is...come back in a few days!
Vera still isn't talking a ton, but has added a few words to her vocabulary. In addition to Ma Ma, Da Da and Night Night, she now says Ki Ki, Sissy, Hi, Jack (her favorite show), and probably a few others. She has mastered blowing kisses. She will blow them to anyone that is in her vicinity.

This kid can eat! She has slowed down a bit, but she eats anything you give her. The unfortunate consequence to that is some VERY dirty diapers! Kiara would blow out a diaper on occasion, but it is a regular occurence for Vera. Below is a picture of her filling her diaper. I am probably the meanest mom ever for posting this picture, but it is so accurate of what we see on a daily basis!

Vera is still a good sleeper, but she no longer likes sleep, if that makes any sense! We use to be able to barely rock her and she was pointing at her crib because she wanted in there. Now, I think she would rock forever. When we do lay her down, she cries and pitches a fit, but is quiet about a minute later.

Vera and Kiara play together so much more now. It is the sweetest thing. Kiara is so good with Vera, she makes me very proud.


Kim Abraham said...

Vera is such a beautiful little girl (even when filling her diaper, LOL!) It's amazing how much her hair has grown and how healthy it looks now! It must be sooo sweet watching sisters play together.

Barbara said...

Awww... she is such a cutie. She looks wonderful. Glad to hear things are going to well with your girls.

Katie and Pete said...

OMG, that picture of her filing her diaper is hysterical. Great bribery when she starts dating...

Glad to heat that things are going so well. She's beautiful.


Kristine said...

De-lurking to tell you I am laughing to the point of tears....that is so funny!

She is such a pretty little girl and I think she looks a lot like her Mommy. Don't worry..the speech will come.