Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home 3 months...

It really feels like we have been home with Vera much longer than 3 months. I say that in a good way. We did meet her nearly 5 months ago, but she has only been home with us for 3. It just feels like she has always been a part of our family.

She has mastered walking. Now that she walks, we have noticed that she explores a lot more. Not that she didn't get around by crawling, but she will just now kind of amiously walk around carrying different toys.

She really doesn't say any words yet. Maybe "dada" and "mama" once in awhile. But, her jabber now seems to be more defined like she really is trying to say something. Every time she waves goodbye, it sounds the same, "ga-ga".

Vera will also now sit and look at at picture books. She also likes those greeting cards that play a song once you open them up. She has already wore one out and another sounds like it won't last much longer. It is so cute. She will either sit and look through the book or bring a book to me and want me to flip through the pages with her. I never thought the girl would sit still long enough to look at a book!
Vera now takes one nap of 2-3 hours. I have worked it so I put her down just after Kiara leaves on the bus, so I have a couple hours of quiet! I love to see Vera watch Kiara leave on the bus. She will stand in the doorway and yell out the door to her and then raise one of her hands over her head and wave goodbye. She will do that over and over. It is the cutest thing.

Kiara and Vera play much more together now. I love it when they make each other laugh. Kiara can keep Vera entertained with playing peek a boo or with a ball. It has made my life a bit easier.

I think Vera will be a challenge to disipline as she gets older. After you tell her to not do something, she will go to do it again and look at you (and even sometimes laugh) and do it again. She can also thow the biggest fits when you won't let her do what she wants. I mean, full fledge flialing her body and convulsing her body. Sometimes it can be quite humorous to to watch! Unfortunately, she tends to bang her head on something in the process. :(

Sisterly love!

Having fun with daddy!

My cuties. I love them so much!

This weekend we are taking a mini family vacation. We will only be gone one night and going to Fun City in Iowa. It will be a good test to see how Vera travels since we are going to Phoenix at the end of April.

Monday, March 23, 2009

March happenings...

We had been busy this month and have enjoyed the bouts of beautiful weather we have had. Here is a picture of the girls on their picnic table. Obviously, I couldn't get a good picture...
I am happy to say that I did reach my goal of getting the girls to JcPenny to get their picture taken. Yay! They aren't the best, but at least I have done my motherly duty. Vera would not sit in one place for more than one second! It is amazing we got ANY good shots.

I planned the Upward Basketball Award Ceremony that was on March 21st. On the same day, Ryan went to Chicago for his fantasy baseball draft. So, both of the girls stayed overnight at my parent's house. Vera did great! She slept 12 hours and took a nap. She had a great time. Thanks, mom & dad!!

Vera is as busy as ever and is now 17 months old! She is walking a lot, but still isn't completely stable. I put her on the scale the other day and was shocked that Vera weighs 24 pounds! She has gained 5 pounds since we brought her home. It will be interesting to see where she is on the growth charts when we go to the pediatrician next month. Vera loves to open all my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Luckily, once in awhile, the Tupperware drawer will keep her attention.

Kiara is as sweet as ever. Some days the things that come out of her mouth make her sound so old, makes me sad. She is growing into a little lady. Kiara loves clothes and will sometimes change her outfit 4 or more times in one day! She loves puzzles and has started to learn to read and can even do some simple addition. She is a very smart girl. Her teachers at school love her.

Kiara went on a field trip to the local children's museum last Friday. A note had been sent home the week before saying that parents could come. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to watch Vera, so I wasn't able to go. The day before the field trip, Kiara comes home with a sad face asking if I could go with her. I knew I couldn't, but I called Ryan to see if his morning was clear at work. Luckily, it was and the best daddy ever went on the field trip with her. Below is Kiara and Ryan on the "big bus that doesn't have seat belts", as Kiara would say.

Next month we are looking forward to going to Phoenix at the end of the month! We can't wait to spend time with Dani, Bobby and the girls. Before that, Kiara will be off of school for spring break.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I finally captured Vera walking on video! She is walking much more now. She can go quite a ways, but is still a bit unsteady.

She can now easily open the door to our basement and bathroom, unfortunately!

Kiara and Vera seem to get a bit closer everyday. Vera likes it when Kiara will get in her crib with her and do what she does. Vera likes it when Kiara comes to get her up from her naps. But, Vera will still let Kiara know when she is doing something she doesn't want her to do.

I am still getting use to having a little one that you have to supervise 24/7. I am so tired! We did get the play pen out and I put her in there when I need to get something done like make dinner. It isn't her favorite place, but after a few minutes she will sit down and start playing with her toys. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband that has let me get away a week ago Friday night to scrapbook and this weekend on Friday night and all day Saturday. It was so nice. But, I am still tired! I even took a nap today and I NEVER take naps. I think I only took a nap twice when Kiara was an infant.

I feel like I am slacking on preserving the memories of my 2nd child, so my goal this week is to get them to JcPenny's to get their picture taken. Hopefully, I am successful!

Home for 2 months...

I wrote this up a week ago and never posted it...

We have now been home for 2 months with Vera. It really seems like it has been much longer, in a good way! Vera is now almost 17 months old.

Her biggest accomplishment this month was taking her first steps! It was very exciting. My parents were at our house on March 4th after they had been in AZ for a week. Out of nowhere, she starts trying to walk. The abundant amount of cheering and clapping she got, just encouraged her to keep trying. There were a few times that she took about 10 steps at a time. The last time she walked that evening, she did a face plant into the hardwood floor, so she hasn't been too eager to do it again. Although, my mom come by yesterday to pick Kiara up, and Vera just starts to try and walk to her. So, I guess my mom is going to have to be around for Vera to walk!

There have been 2 times where I have been able to leave Vera, with Kiara there, too, in small nursery settings. She did great and enjoyed playing with the other kids. The second time I took her, she wanted right down to play. I won't be leaving her on a regular basis yet, but it encourages me that we will be able to leave her and be able to get babysitters!

One of Vera's favorite things to do is kiss! I think we have given her a warped view of kissing because anytime she says goodbye or hello to anyone, she puckers up for a kiss. She won't always actually follow through with the kiss, though. Even the old man at the grocery store who talks to her because he thinks she is adorable, she leans forward and puckers up for him.

Vera has grown at least one inch and 2 pounds.

She is very quick, you can't take your eyes off of her. She is constantly finding something she isn't suppose to open, get into, etc. She is now able to reach our door handles and can open the doors if she works at it a little bit.