Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 months home (better late than never!)

Wow, we have now been home over 9 months with Vera! Life has been very busy for us this past month, but it has been a lot of fun. Vera continues to grow and I can't wait to see where she is on the charts when we go to the doctor in a few days for her 2 year checkup. Vera turns 2 in a few days. I don't know if I will be able to think of her as a 2 year old.

We had Vera evaluated by an early intervention person and she is behind in speech. So, now at the end of the month, she will have a more in depth evaluation done by a speech pathologist and a few others, I think. I am sure she will be fine, but we want to be able to help her in any way that we can. A big thanks to Tamara for letting me know this was something we could do!
Vera is a very sweet girl. When we leave someplace, she has to hug and kiss every person, multiple times. Kiara has taught her that she needs to go to the window and wave to anyone leaving the house.

She is becoming a daddy's girl. I am use to this because this is how Kiara was at this age. It does have benefits, though; when they are sick or wake up in the middle of the night, guess who they want? Yes, their daddy! I feel like Vera has even forgotten how to say Momma. I get called Dadda numerous times a day. Ryan and I took a trip to Key West at the end of September. Before that, I couldn't tell you how many times Vera would say Momma over and over and over. Now, I get called Dadda.

Jack's Big Music Show is still her absolute favorite. She will squeal for joy and run for the living room chair when you tell her she can watch her show. She loves to play with dolls and stuffed animals. Her favorite is to push her doll stroller around. She also loves books.

Kiara and Vera can get on each other's nerves, but they are also so sweet together. I love to see them sitting together sideways in the living room chair watching TV.
I feel like there should be more for me to update, but I think that is a good thing. It is just normal to have Vera a part of our family.


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nybogi said...

Vera looks amazing. My favorite photo of her to date is the one in the orange shirt. She is so adorable. Happy Birthday, Vera!

Kim Abraham said...

Time sure flies once you are home, doesn't it!?! I am amazed how much Vera looks like a combination of both you and Kiara! Too cute!!!