Thursday, March 27, 2008


Some of my blog buddies have been sharing pics of our homes. We are trying to distract ourselves from "the wait". So, here they are. Enjoy!

Here is the room ready and waiting for our next little one:

Here is Kiara's "big girl" room:

Here is my kitchen:


Dani said...

Beautiful home, your nursery is adorable, your daughters room is so cute. I'm envious of your clean finished kitchen. Your home looks new, ours is 150 years old and a farmhouse. We've been remodeling for 6 years now lol

barbara and david said...

What is that green furry stuff in the front of your house? Where is all of your rock?

Ute said...

I love your house and the rooms and this kitchen is WONDERFUL!!!!!

You truly have an awsom home, got to visit you someday,( hiny,hint, hint).

mel said...

Ooh! Love the Pottery Barn set in the nursery! Gender neutral...hint hint!

Amanda said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! Kiara's big girl room is very fun too!!

barbara and david said...

LOVE the kitchen counters and the beautiful pale yellow of the baby room!