Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here are a couple of pictures from Kiara's concert. She is quite the poser lately. So far our summer has been busy, but I am hoping after this week things will be more relaxing. We have had a lot of routine doctor's appointments. Today I was sitting in the dentist chair thinking how nice it was that this was the last doctor type of appointment for a long time, then I was told I have a cavity and have to come back! Oh, well, it could be much worse. The weather has been wonderful here, so it has been nice to be outside a bit.
On the adoption front, we got our new I-171H in the mail with our new fingerprint expiration dates. I am praying we never need to update those again since they don't expire until Sept 2009.
I got the endorsement letter from our state that I needed to be able to submit my I-824 which changes our approval with USCIS to adopt from Uzbekistan to Russia. So, the I-824 was submitted on June 23rd and they say it takes 2-3 weeks.
Yesterday, Ryan and I went and got our second round of Hepatitis shots. We don't get the third round for 6 months. Kiara has been vaccinated for Hep B, but not A. Since she will be going on the second trip with us, I need to get her vaccinated for Hep A. It is done in 2 rounds and she is old enough for her Kindergarten shots, so next month I think I will take her for a few of those and the Hep A shot.
Now, I am working on getting Ryan's passport renewed since it expires in spring 2009. Man, there just always seems to be some type of paperwork I need to do for the adoption!
I did get good news from my agency that it seems like things are going faster in Russia than they expected! But, I know next week that could all change. It was good to hear good news for a change!


Holli said...

little ryan is so cute!:)
congrats on more stuff done!
talk to you soon!

Amanda said...

Kiara looks so pretty!!! I am so glad to hear everything in Russia is going a little faster then you thought!!! Wow your dossier is almost done!! I can't wait to come and meet you guys! July is starting to fill up :( Maybe end of July beginning of August we could meet??

smctiver said...

Hi Nichole,

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

Glad to hear your dossier is almost done. I sent our dossier off to Vic this week, and I must say, it is a load off my mind. I only need to start worrying again when the fingerprints get close to expiring, and that's a ways off!!

Dani said...

That's wonderful news about things hopefully being sooner than you originally expected. It would be nice for someone to get good news when it comes to adoptions this month. Kiara is quite the "star" as always. I love it when you post pictures!!!

Amy said...

Your little girl is too cute!! She is going to have a blast with her new sister!!

Amy said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you on the Russian front!

Looks like Kiara had a blast in her concert!