Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, I think we are all finally well. Some of us still have lingering signs of the cold, but for the most part we are much better.

Vera is still adjusting well. She is almost 16 months old. She is a good sleeper, although her naps have become shorter. Vera has always rocked on all fours and a lot of the time will bang her head into the crib in the process. She does it intentionally and the doctor says she can't hurt herself. It is probably a self soothing technique she learned in the orphanage. I had hoped that it would have diminished some by now, but every time she goes to sleep and gets up there is head banging involved. It can really be alarming if you are sitting in our living room below her room and have never heard it before!

She becomes more active and vocal everyday. She loves to be a part of the conversation. Once in awhile it seems like she might be saying an actual word, but I can't officially say that she has said her first word, yet. She is always on the move and doesn't stay in one place for very long. She loves to open and shut drawers and doors. Kiara never did this, so it keeps me on my toes. The only thing she really likes to watch on TV is Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin. If you ask her where Jack is, she will look anxiously towards the TV. It is fun to see her bop around to the music. She loves music just like her sister, so I think we have a lot of recitals in our future.

She cruises around everything and will use her toy that helps her walk, but other than that she hasn't shown much interest in walking. I just hope she is walking before it gets nice outside, otherwise I better stock up on stain stick for all the green knees. The doctor said she is very strong and has plenty of muscle tone, so now she just has to want to walk.

Vera has probably gained 2 pounds since we brought her home. You can tell in her face and her thighs. They are not sticks anymore! I really thought she would gain weight faster, especially the way she eats. I never did hear for sure how her parasite tests turned out, maybe I need to call and check on that. :) Vera will eat almost anything you put in front of her. She is done with the baby food. For breakfast she eats a big bowl of oatmeal, some Cheerios, and either a diced fruit or applesauce. For lunch and dinner she will eat things like meatloaf, pancakes, green beans, diced carrots, hard boiled eggs, crackers, etc. We can't feed her too much fruit or we have some super nasty diapers. I thought I had that all figured out until I had to chang 3 poopy diapers today!

Kiara is a great big sister. She gets mad at me if I go to get Vera out of her crib without her. She is always asking when we can get Vera up, it is sweet. She does get in Vera's face a bit, but Vera lets her know that she doesn't like it! I think they are becoming closer everyday. Just tonight, Ryan and Kiara were leaving to go to the store and Vera puckered up her lips because she wanted a kiss from Kiara. Melt my heart!
Vera's top eye teeth are both almost all the way in. Those have been pushing through since we got her in Russia. Now, the bottom 2 eye teeth are coming in. Hopefully, that will be all the teeth for awhile.
She has become much better about strangers and people she hasn't been around much. My sister was just here and met her for the first time. Vera warmed right up to her and I was able to leave her with my sister while I went grocery shopping. Ryan's parents were here the other night and she played with them like she had known them her whole life. She even let Pa Pa Duane hold her and I think she made his day if not his week.
Vera's latest tricks are waving bye bye and giving kisses. It is interesting how quick she picks up that when she is going to bed she waves and likes to give kisses. Sometimes she will even pucker up her lips. I wish I could get a picture of that! In the last week I have noticed that she really seems to understand us better. She seems to respond to things we say, even things that we don't repeat all the time, like bye bye.

I think I am still adjusting to having 2 kids and a little one around again. You forget how time consuming it is! Vera has her days when she is extremely needy and nothing seems to make her happy, like yesterday, but for the most part our days go well.
Below is a video I took today. I wanted to capture her laughing and giggling.


Jackie said...

Wow Nicole! She has come such a long way from puffed rice huh?? That is awesome that she will eat whatever you give her! I wish our ds3 was that obliging! :-)

Holli said...

she is getting so big! so glad how good everything is going!!! two is busy but we can just be thankful we don't have 5!!! (not that we know anyone in particular with 5 under 6!);)

Dan and Holly said...

Try some mandarin (spell?) oranges if you are running out of fruit options. They don't seem to have "bad effects" on Cassi--other than they are ORANGE! I think Cassi is finally turning back to normal color, slowly. Also, bananas are "safe." Vera is doing great! She is working on so many things all at once! :)

Dani said...

I loved that video! How cute! I am finally feeling better I think the bug has successfully moved past our family!

Already looking forward to you all's just so far away!

jeanette wunderly said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. Your girls are beautiful!!! We are adopting a baby girl in the next few months from Russia. We already have 2 bio boys and I saw you took your older daughter with you to Russia. We are planning on making it 3 trips and taking the boys. I was curious how that worked out. Did you have any appointments that your daughter wasn't able to go to? I thought there was a court date and children weren't allowed in the courtroom. I was just looking for any advice. Thanks and I'll keep checking in to read about your family :) Jeanette

Jennifer said...

Hi Nichole! Sorry I've disappeared so much lately! SO very busy! Just wanted to share the good news in case you haven't heard - WE GOT A TRAVEL DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you guys are doing well!