Friday, March 26, 2010

Vera has now been in the US longer than Russia!

Wow, we have finally hit that milestone of Vera being with us longer than she lived in Russia. Ryan can't believe that has already happened, but to me it feels like she has lived with us longer than she did in Russia. (Maybe that is because I am with her all day, every day! :) )

She continues to be quite the personality! She does everything to the extreme whether it is running or giving a hug! I think she will be a comedian, she definitely likes to make others laugh and she feeds off of that. She has continued with speech therapy twice a week and has made great strides. I can't wait until we see my sister next month to see what she thinks since she hasn't really been around Vera much since she started therapy. She can now even say a 4 word phrase! She loves speech and her teacher. When she sees her get to our house she will say "Joy here" over and over.

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Holli said...

SO SWEET!!! Wow how time flies!!