Monday, May 18, 2009


Finally, here is a summary of our fun week in Arizona to visit my sister and her family. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun.

We flew out on Friday afternoon. We didn't get to the airport as early as we planned, so between standing in line and going through security, we basically walked right on the plane. Luckily, my parents were there to help us with all our carry ons, stroller, children, etc. The girls did well on the plane. Luckily, we had a laptop to play Vera's favorite show.
When we got there, my sister was there waiting for us looking as beautiful as ever! We ate at the Elephant Bar that night and settled into our rental house. The first 2 days were spent at Dani and Bobby's house hanging out and playing in the pool. It was a lot of fun. Sunday, we got to see Kyndall and Megan for the first time. They are becoming more and more like young ladies every time I see them.
Kiara was a fish in the pool!
The only bad part about the weekend is that we found out that Vera is allergic to dogs! She loved them and would let them lick her face. But, on Sunday her face was red, blotchy and a bit swollen. When we kept her from the dogs, it slowly went away. She also had a rash all over her body. I don't know to attribute that to the dogs or the sunscreen I put all over her body.
My poor baby girl. Here is Vera giving the doggy a kiss through the sliding glass door.

Monday, most of us went to a Cubs game. Vera and Kyndall stayed back with MiMi & Pa. Unfortunately, the Cubbies didn't win that night, but we had a great time. Ryan went back to see the Cubbies on Tuesday with my dad and by himself on Wednesday afternoon.
The one thing that Kiara wanted to do when we went to Arizona was to go horseback riding. So, on Tuesday, Ryan, Kiara and myself did just that. I was a bit nervous, but it was a lot of fun. Colt was our trail guide. Kiara got to ride her own horse, and it was white, jut like she wanted. Colt led Kiara's horse, I was behind them and Ryan behind me. After I got over my initial nervousness, it was very relaxing.
Kiara looked so cute in her riding cap!
The rest of the week we got to do some miniature golfing, go carting and bumper boating, shopping, hiking and more swimming. We also got to do some great eating. Elephant Bar, Firebirds, Pei Wei, pizza, ballpark food, etc.

Kiara loves Bobby & Dani!

We had a great time and can't wait to go back!


Dani said...

These are different than mine! I need all of these. Can you put them in an album on Facebook, so I can get the full size pics and I'll just save them to my laptop from there? Thanks! Wish you were here all the time!

Holli said...

So fun!!! Oh AZ...... Well if I ever move there at least you will come see me there;)!
Dani LOVE YOU BANGS or fring as they would say here it looks FAB!!!

Nichole said...

Holli, since AZ, my sister inspired me and I had Ali cut me some fring! Come on over and I will show you!