Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I had a great day. This will sound strange, but my wonderful husband got up before 6 AM to go get me the Chicago Tribune! I have become a major couponer and the Tribune gets much better coupons than our local paper. I have tried to pick one up, but they are always out of them by the time I get there. Ryan got to the gas station around 6 AM and there were only 4 papers left. Plus, he got me a People magazine and a card. I had no idea he even had gone anywhere! We all went to church together. Vera gave me her Mother's Day gift by staying in the nursery without me and she didn't cry! Yea!

Kiara had brought me home a beautiful flower from school on Friday and brought another one home from Sunday school. She had been making me cards and pictures all week, too. She is a sweetheart. Although, she thought we should have done something fun on Mother's Day like go to Chuck E. Cheese!
After church we went to brunch at a local restaurant. Then, Ryan took care of the kids and I got to go shopping by myself. I only have one pair of dress pants, so I feel like I am always wearing the same thing to church. I had another pair but on our first trip to Russia they ended up with a huge slash through the rear end. I really hope it didn't happen while they were on me because I didn't notice the slash until I went to pack them! I hate buying pants, it is always so hard to find ones that fit me right. But, I did find a pair at New York & Company and some shirts to go with them. It was a great shopping trip.

When I got home, Ryan had taken the girls for a bike ride and was at the house of friends of ours and the girls were playing. So, we got Jimmy John's and had dinner together. It was a great evening.

I still need to blog about our trip to AZ. I will do that very soon, it just seems like the days are flying by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nichole,
Glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day. :) Saw you at church and just a little while ago came across a blog of a family that adopted their youngest son from Russia. Thought I would pass the blog-address on to you. He just recently turned 3 and I believe their first trip was in 5/08 and their second in 6/08. Just thought you might be interested. Love and prayers, Teresa C.

smctiver said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Nichole! Your girls are beautiful, and Vera is growing so much.

We're still waiting for word on when our paperwork might be submiited to the MOE in UZ, but I'm sure hoping that we'll be celebrating both Mother's and Father's Day next year with a couple of kids in our house!