Saturday, May 23, 2009

The pool is OPEN!!!

The weather today was sunny and in the 80s, so we headed over to my parents house to swim. They had just opened their pool for the season. My parents have only had their pool for a few years, but it has been such a blessing to Kiara's swimming ability. Kiara has gone from a child that couldn't get a drop of water in her eyes to one that jumps in with no fear. She is even a pretty good swimmer for a 5 year old. I can't take any credit for that, that all goes to my parents. They have done an excellent job of teaching Kiara to love to swim, and we hope they will be able to do the same with Vera.
Vera loves her baths. She will splash, kick and poor water all over herself. So much so that Kiara won't take a bath with her anymore since she splashes so much! So, my fear was that Vera would just jump in with no fear. But, she hasn't been as eager to swim as I would have thought. But, she enjoyed some time in the pool and I bet next time she will be eager to get in.


Joy Rugaard said...

Nichole, she is so cute! You need to come to countray aire with me!!!

Janell said...

Yes, I agree having the kids swim so much really helps them improve fast! And it's great for us moms to have an excuse to spend the day at the pool. :)

Jackie said...

How wonderful that your parents have a pool! We go to a pool in the area, but sometimes I wish we had a pool right in our backyard..... It's nice to not have the crowds. :-) Your girls look so cute!