Monday, August 3, 2009

Road trip (Part 1) - July 2009 - Holiday World

We took a road trip in July and we were gone for 2 weeks. I have never been gone on a vacation that long, except for our trip to Russia, but that wasn't exactly a vacation. :) We stopped at a great Amish buffet on our way to our first stop. Here is Vera enjoying the yummy desserts!

Our first stop was Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. Holiday World was A LOT of fun, we will definitely be going back. The best part for this Diet Pepsi addicted gal was that all Pepsi fountain drinks were free in the entire park!! I probably drank the amount of my admission fee in soda!! Just kidding! I tried, though. After lunch, I went to change Vera's diaper and found that she had a complete blowout! Unfortunately, the line for the bathroom went right around the baby changing station. Luckily, there were many sympathetic moms. I had to take Vera out of the bathroom just in her diaper and shoes. I don't know why I didn't bring in an extra outfit for her since this isn't the first time she has done this, but then I wheeled her out to the parking lot and got her clean clothes and got another outfit, just in case. Which, I believe, we did use, but because she was wet from playing in the water and not from a bodily function!
Our first activity was to watch the Holidazzels!
Next was lunch. I am sure the huge grin is because she knows what awaits me in the bathroom!
Outfit #2 getting wet!
One of the highlights of HW for Kiara was being able to get wet in her clothes!
No trip to HW is complete without visiting Santa.
Getting ready to get back on the road again! To Nashville to spend the night and then on to Chattanooga.

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Jackie said...

That is so funny about drinking your cost of admission! I would have done the same thing! LOL! I used to drink diet pepsi as well, (quit cold turkey 3 years ago). But, I totally loved it way better than Diet Coke.