Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road trip (Part 4) - Busch Gardens

While we were in Virginia, we went to Busch Gardens on 2 days. We had a fantastic time! On the first day we were there, we also had reservations to eat lunch with Elmo and friends. I was doing it more for Vera, but Kiara LOVED it!! There was a little bit of a show and then while you ate, all the characters would come around and meet everyone. And, everyone got to go on stage and have their picture taken with Elmo and Big Bird. Vera didn't like to get too close to any of the characters. The only one she would touch was Elmo, or LaLa as she calls him. Kiara couldn't get enough of the characters. At the end of the lunch, all the characters except for Big Bird formed a congo line and invited the kids to join. Kiara ran off. I was watching and couldn't find Kiara in the line. Then, we looked up on the stage and there she was dancing with Big Bird. We should have known. Kiara cried when we had to leave.

The rest of Busch Gardens was great, too. So much to do and see. We could have easily spent another day there.
On the teacups...pure joy!

The only ride that Vera rode by herself.

Vera's favorite ride, but possibly the slowest moving ride on the planet!

Kiara went on some pretty big rides. They got soaked on this one.

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