Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Road Trip (Part 2) - Chattanooga, TN

Next, we got up in the morning and drove to Chattanooga. The plan was to go to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, but we were most excited to see the F family that we were in Russia with for both of our trips. J and I actually met on the plan ride to Moscow in the galley. We quickly realized that we had corresponded with each other over our blogs! What a SMALL world! Then, it turns out we were staying in the same apartment building just a few floors apart. On our second trip, they had the same timeline as us. This time we each had our children with us and we were each picking up a child to bring home.

We met the F family at the aquarium. The aquarium was great! The highlights were probably petting the sting rays and the butterfly room.
C & little J
Ryan and Vera by information about a river in Russia.

The men and all the children. I realized the only pic I have of J is the group picture we bought from the aquarium. J, we should have taken a picture together!

After the aquarium, the F family invited us to their home for dinner. We enjoyed a home cooked meal after eating on the road. Since we were together, we had to play Wii. The first time Ryan and Kiara played a Wii was in Russia in the F family's apartment.
I think these 2 think they were the winners!
Meanwhile, Vera was playing with her Russian boyfriend. I think little J was sweet on Vera.
We had to finally say goodbye and we were off to our hotel. Thanks F family for opening your home to us, we had a great time. We hope you are able to make it to our state someday!


Jackie said...

LOL! I love that last picture of Small Fry and Vera! Oh my goodness I am cracking up! You have to send me that one! lol! :-)

It was awesome to have you guys visit!!

Holli said...

love that last pic. SO CUTE!!! your road trip looks FUN!!!

Nichole said...

I love that picture, too!

Jackie, the pictures are already on their way to you. Let me know if you want me to send them to you digitally, too.