Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Our adjustment and transition has really gone very smoothly. Believe me, I didn't expect it to go so easy, I would tell you! The first couple of weeks I was just kind of holding my breath waiting for it to get bad, luckily it hasn't. The hardest part of the adjustment has been Vera being wary of everyone but the 3 of us. Which, is really a good thing. That means she knows who her mommy, daddy and sister are and that she is attaching to us. But, at times it can be waring. There are days that she can't be farther than an inch from me and I have just recently been able to leave her alone in her excersaucer and leave the room to get something. We are slowly making progress. It just takes time for our little girl to warm up to those around us. After spending some time with us and Vera together, my parents are now able to hold and play with her without her looking over her shoulder for us. And, as I learned earlier this week, there is only so much she can take. I think that was part of our problem on Monday. We had had a busy Sunday with church and a birthday party. So, going to the chiropractor and the gym nursery was just overload for her. It is so easy to forget that we still need to take things slow with her because she feels like she has always been here! Here are some pictures of Vera meeting some family. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone I would have liked, I will blame it on the jet lag!
My dad with Vera.
The secret to any girls heart is chocolate, right? My mom.
My grandparents, dad's parents, with me and the girls.
My grandma, mom's mom, with me and the girls.
I am very excited that my sister and her new husband will be coming this weekend to meet Vera and spend time with all of us. I know it has been really hard for Dani to not be able to meet Vera yet, so I am so excited for them to meet. And, Dani is staying for a week! Can't wait!


Dan and Holly said...

Sounds just like Cassi! We went to a family gathering where she hadn't met the 20 or so people there and she did amazingly well, letting most people hold her for a minute. That was only about 2 wks. ago. A few weeks before that, there's no way she would have let anyone hold her but us.

Amanda said...

Yep, sounds very normal. After Thanksgiving Henry was very clingy and angry. I figured that it was doing to much and changed that at christmas and everything was much better. We still have to keep all family visits at under 2 hours, he still doesn't cope well. Also the schedule/routine has to be very tight or else it is no fun for anyone. :) Keep up the good work it sounds like Vera is doing very well! I can already see she is already changing! Henry's bio Grandmother's name is Vera. :)

Have fun with your sister next week!

Jennie said...

I am so happy to hear the transition is going so well. Great to see pictures and hear updates. Macie was like Vera until almost 13 months! Hopefully, for you she will get comfortable with others. Macie still does not like to play on her own. Never went in the swing, bouncy, or exersaucer. It does get easier, but never without frustrations! Hang in there. You are doing great!