Saturday, January 3, 2009

US Embassy appointment...

Well, the trip home didn't go as smooth as I had hoped! But, we all 4 survived and are now at home as a family of 4. Vera is doing really well and seems like she has lived here her entire life. I thought it would be a lot harder for her.

Back to the day before we left to come home...So, after we were told that they would process us in one day, we walked back to our apartment. We were on cloud 9, but I was a little wary if it was really true since we didn't received anything official. Maybe Christopher thought we were a different family that he saw on the appointment list or something! But, we called M when we got back and she confirmed that yes indeed we did have an appointment today! It turns out that when Christopher went to check on us getting an Embassy appointment, M was in the process of submitting our paperwork. They asked her how much it would cost us and the other family to change our tickets. She told them $6,000 - $10,000. M was scheduled to leave the next day on vacation and was going to have to change her tickets, too! So, they called the person in charge on a cell phone, what a great idea, and got the approval that us and the other family could have our appointment today! So, once M confirmed that yes, we did have an appointment today, I was ecstatic!

We only had a couple of hours before we needed to leave for the Embassy again, so we put Vera down for a nap, got cleaned up and did a little packing. Then, we were off again for the Embassy. We met M and the other family outside of the Embassy. They went through our bags before we entered and then we had to leave any electronics, including our camera. Then, we went through security. We walked a ways and ended up in a room full of other adoptive parents and their children. There were probably about a dozen other children there and it seemed that Vera was the youngest. A lady came out and explained what would be happening. She was the only one processing adoptions today, so she needed us to be patient. As long as they got us done today, I would wait as long as they needed me to! The computers at the windows where they normally process adoptions were down, so they had to use the non immigration windows. We waited probably about an hour and then our name was called. All 4 of us went to the window. We raised our right hands and swore we were telling the truth and would do what we had agreed to do in the paperwork. I am not sure we even had to sign anything and then we had the golden envelope to give to US Customs once we entered the US. We still had to wait about 20 minutes to get the visa in Vera's passport.

While we were waiting, we met a few of the other families. Once was adopting 3 at one time and they didn't currently have any children. I can't imagine going from 0 to 3 children! The father also works for a grocery chain and has been to our town and the town I grew up in. What a small world!

Once we had Vera's passport, we were all done and we left with the other family. Once we were outside, I wanted to get a picture of the 4 of us outside of the Embassy. But, as soon as we were about to do that, we were told by one of the security guards that we can't take any pictures. So, I have no pictures of the day. We should have turned away from the Embassy and taken a picture, but I didn't think of that until later!

We walked back to the apartment and gave Vera a nap. Once she was up, we were headed to Red Square. That will be another post. I will try to get caught up soon, but it is taking me longer to get caught up, unpacked, and settled than I thought it would. It doesn't help that Kiara has been sick and we have also had to figure out what to do with all the Christmas presents.

Vera is adjusting very well, it seems like she has been here her entire life. She is extremely attached to Ryan and myself, no one else has yet been able to hold her. Which, is a good thing that she knows who her mommy and daddy are. Kiara and Vera have also bonded more as sisters. I can send Kiara into Vera's room when she wakes up from a nap and they play together for awhile. It is sweet to listen to. Vera loves to show everyone all her tricks and make faces at them. She is a joy!


Anonymous said...

She IS an absolute doll! So glad things are still going so well. Whe just fits right in!

Holli said...

it is so awesome to see how vera (i said it right as I typed:)) is so attached to you and so at home! praying and miss you all tons! i posted the picture of you guys on my blog if you click on it to make it big you can save it in full quality from there!

Dan and Holly said...

I'm so glad things are going so well! :) We taught Cassi to whistle today--too funny! She has a regular Vaudville act going now--lol! Anyway, as I've said in my e-mails, I'm sooooo glad you guys are home.
We didn't try to take a picture of the Embassy because we were hurrying off to somewhere else, so we don't have any pictures from that experience either. That's so great that they let you have the appt. so that it didn't mess up your plans and M's.


Laura said...

Hi Nikki,

I'm so glad things are going well. Sorry to hear the Kiara hasn't been feeling well. I hope she is doing better. It sounds like Vera is happy to be home! I hope you are able to get caught up soon so we can get together!

Wonderfully Made..... Psalm 139:14 said...