Monday, January 26, 2009

Hard day...

Today has probably been the hardest day for me since we have returned. Nothing seemed to go right and everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. It is also probably because we are getting out more and Vera isn't use to that. I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and had both girls with me. I thought Vera would be fine in the same room as me with Kiara by her side, but I was wrong. She screamed the whole time I was getting adjusted! Not sure that adjustment really too, it was a little hard to relax. Then, we were off to the gym. Last Friday I left both girls in the nursery and Vera did great! I was shocked. This time, not so much. We weren't even done with the third song in my class and they came to get me because Vera wouldn't stop crying.

Since we learned that Vera isn't allergic to milk, I was hoping she would drink that now. But, no, for some reason she loves the soy formula we give her! I have tried everything, warming it up, whole milk, 1% milk, adding chocolate milk and adding a scoop of formula. I guess we will wait a bit longer and try again.

Vera has always had to have someone in the room with her at all times, but today she had to be attached to my body at all times. Luckily, I got a shower in during her nap, or that wouldn't have gotten done.

I think Kiara is testing us lately, too. Everything seems to be a struggle and she never seems to remember things we have told her before. ;)

Oh, well, if this is the worst day we have in adjusting, I will take it! I just hope tomorrow goes a bit smoother. Thanks for letting me vent!


Dani said...

No worries! Aunt Dani is coming soon to help! We'll get Vera "used" to me over the weekend and then hopefully I can keep the two of them together for you next week! Miss you!

Dan and Holly said...

Cassi only just now started to drink any measurable milk. She really wouldn't drink much of anything. Well, juice, but that caused major explosive problems! Now that she's mainly on table food w/ less water content, she's drinking a lot more milk.

Hang in there, you guys are doing great! :)


Janell said...

Hang in there. It's all got to be still so new for Vera and all of you! Praying tomorrow is better!

Tanya and Don said...

Nichole -
Congratulations! My son stayed on soy formula and we tried to transition him to milk by adding an ounce of milk to each bottle/cup and slowly increasing it. It never worked and our pediatrician said not to worry, soy is fine. I think the difference in the two is startling. We tried to keep him home with one of us for the first couple of months. We slowly transitioned him to going out in public places, it is shocking for them to be in a strange place with a bunch of strangers. We are home 11 months and he is just starting to enjoy going to the nursery at church. It just takes time. Eventually Vera will be ready. It is all such a strange world to them.

Holli said...

vent away! praying today is a bit better! really it just sounds like a normal day with 2 kids and one that is getting closer to two and the other just got a new sib!:)
love you!
so glad that you are off private and it will update on my blogroll!:)

MartiH said...

You and Ryan are doing such a great job with both girls. We are so proud of both of you! It is so easy to see that Vera is your daughter already. Sorry to keep showing up in Morton to see the girls, but we've fallening in love too! It's a good thing Kyndall and Megan aren't closer; the Marins would have to kick us out too.