Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trip to Red Square...

So, after our Embassy appointment and after Vera took a nap, we headed to Red Square. Luckily, the walk to Red Square from our apartment is pretty much a straight shot. Since we went at night there were a lot of lights to look at, which Kiara really enjoyed.
We walked around the Red Square area and enjoyed all the lights and fabulous buildings. There was an ice skating rink set up outside of the big shopping mall, GUM. We took some pictures outside of St. Basil's. By that time, both of our children were ready to be done, so we really didn't get a great picture. But, I was thankful that we made it there and were able to get the famous photo.
GUM shopping mall outside and inside.

Here are the photos outside Saint Basil's.
The plan was to stop at the McDonald's before we headed back to our apartment. But, when we looked inside, there were so many people! We would be there forever, if we tried to eat there. Plan B...the Sbarro's right next door, but they were closed and it looked like they were getting ready for a party. So, we started back towards the apartment. When we got to where Old Arbat meets New Arbat, Kiara and I started towards McDonald's and Ryan and Vera kept going towards our apartment. Ryan said Vera cried the whole way home, poor girl. McDonald's is on the opposite end of Old Arbat, let me tell you, that is one long street. Especially when you are walking it with a cold 5 year old. Kiara and I enjoyed our last McDonald's in Russia and then walked back to our apartment.
Vera was in bed when Kiara and I got back. We had to finish packing, which took us much longer than I hoped it would. Kiara got to bed around midnight and Ryan and I didn't get to bed until about 2 AM.


Amy said...

So good to hear from you again!! Glad to hear that you are all home safe and sound.

Was the couple you met with 3 kids from Vlad? If so - I talk to them here and there...

MartiH said...


Jackie said...

Oh Nichole, we packed up almost all our stuff and then we actually headed to the Red Square at like 7:15pm. It was FREEZING that night! I thought so many times that I wished we had gone earlier with you and maybe it wouldn't have been as cold!

I saw the party going on at Sbarro's too. I am glad we went down there, as I would have really regretted not seeing it. It was beautiful at night! Can you believe that we never went to McDonalds with our boys in Russia? I guess we make up for it here in the States! lol!

Holli said...

love the pictures! are you going off private so I can see when you update? and is it going to stay your Uzbeck Journey? :)