Sunday, March 15, 2009


I finally captured Vera walking on video! She is walking much more now. She can go quite a ways, but is still a bit unsteady.

She can now easily open the door to our basement and bathroom, unfortunately!

Kiara and Vera seem to get a bit closer everyday. Vera likes it when Kiara will get in her crib with her and do what she does. Vera likes it when Kiara comes to get her up from her naps. But, Vera will still let Kiara know when she is doing something she doesn't want her to do.

I am still getting use to having a little one that you have to supervise 24/7. I am so tired! We did get the play pen out and I put her in there when I need to get something done like make dinner. It isn't her favorite place, but after a few minutes she will sit down and start playing with her toys. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband that has let me get away a week ago Friday night to scrapbook and this weekend on Friday night and all day Saturday. It was so nice. But, I am still tired! I even took a nap today and I NEVER take naps. I think I only took a nap twice when Kiara was an infant.

I feel like I am slacking on preserving the memories of my 2nd child, so my goal this week is to get them to JcPenny's to get their picture taken. Hopefully, I am successful!


Our Story said...

Congratulations, Vera! You go, girl!!! If Cassi were a little taller, we'd be in trouble as far as door handles and climbing goes. She's a real climber and gets on the couch and then wants to flop back onto the floor--not a good idea, we have to watch her all the time. I nap every day that I can--lol!


Dani said...

Yeah! We can't wait to see it in person in a month or so! And to see how she likes to be in the pool too! Kiara can show her the ropes in the pool. Can't wait!

Holli said...

YIPPEE! Vera you are getting so big so fast!!! Keep your mommy on her toes- thats your job!;)

Janell said...

So fun. Cute pics of the girls too. I love that they are bonding quickly.

Erin said...

Hi! Thanks for the message! I remember reading your blog periodically about a year ago when you were chasing papers, etc. And now to see your sweet baby girl - HOW AWESOME! Congrats! You have a beautiful family! I hope to run into you around town and meet you in person! :)