Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home 3 months...

It really feels like we have been home with Vera much longer than 3 months. I say that in a good way. We did meet her nearly 5 months ago, but she has only been home with us for 3. It just feels like she has always been a part of our family.

She has mastered walking. Now that she walks, we have noticed that she explores a lot more. Not that she didn't get around by crawling, but she will just now kind of amiously walk around carrying different toys.

She really doesn't say any words yet. Maybe "dada" and "mama" once in awhile. But, her jabber now seems to be more defined like she really is trying to say something. Every time she waves goodbye, it sounds the same, "ga-ga".

Vera will also now sit and look at at picture books. She also likes those greeting cards that play a song once you open them up. She has already wore one out and another sounds like it won't last much longer. It is so cute. She will either sit and look through the book or bring a book to me and want me to flip through the pages with her. I never thought the girl would sit still long enough to look at a book!
Vera now takes one nap of 2-3 hours. I have worked it so I put her down just after Kiara leaves on the bus, so I have a couple hours of quiet! I love to see Vera watch Kiara leave on the bus. She will stand in the doorway and yell out the door to her and then raise one of her hands over her head and wave goodbye. She will do that over and over. It is the cutest thing.

Kiara and Vera play much more together now. I love it when they make each other laugh. Kiara can keep Vera entertained with playing peek a boo or with a ball. It has made my life a bit easier.

I think Vera will be a challenge to disipline as she gets older. After you tell her to not do something, she will go to do it again and look at you (and even sometimes laugh) and do it again. She can also thow the biggest fits when you won't let her do what she wants. I mean, full fledge flialing her body and convulsing her body. Sometimes it can be quite humorous to to watch! Unfortunately, she tends to bang her head on something in the process. :(

Sisterly love!

Having fun with daddy!

My cuties. I love them so much!

This weekend we are taking a mini family vacation. We will only be gone one night and going to Fun City in Iowa. It will be a good test to see how Vera travels since we are going to Phoenix at the end of April.


Jackie said...

Nicole- We love those pictures! She looks so sweet and I love the photo of her and Kiara. It's nice to know someone else can throw a nice tantrum as well as our little guy. :-) I need to do our own 3 month update... just have to find the time and the words.... :-)

Katie and Pete said...

I love the first picture of Vera. Her smile has reached her eyes, I always feel that's the measure of adoptive children feeling like they are finally home.

Sounds like she is doing great. I'd love to meet her if you get to St. Louis. Do you fly out of St Louis when you go to Phoenix?


Nichole said...

Thanks, guys!

Katie, I love what you said about her smile has reached her eyes! That is so true! I will have to use that in my scrapbook.

We actually fly from Peoria to Phoenix/Mesa, there is a direct flight. But, I love St. Louis. We will have to plan a time to get together. I would love to see you all again.

JennT said...

Nichole- This is Jenn, from Havin Hope (kroger deals). I totally read your blog, from seeing its title, like the first time you posted! I would love to hear any advice you might have for us, and more about why you switched to international! jenntolbert at gmail dot com

smctiver said...

Beautiful, Happy Girls!!

What more could a Mom & Dad want? Have a very happy Easter.