Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home for 2 months...

I wrote this up a week ago and never posted it...

We have now been home for 2 months with Vera. It really seems like it has been much longer, in a good way! Vera is now almost 17 months old.

Her biggest accomplishment this month was taking her first steps! It was very exciting. My parents were at our house on March 4th after they had been in AZ for a week. Out of nowhere, she starts trying to walk. The abundant amount of cheering and clapping she got, just encouraged her to keep trying. There were a few times that she took about 10 steps at a time. The last time she walked that evening, she did a face plant into the hardwood floor, so she hasn't been too eager to do it again. Although, my mom come by yesterday to pick Kiara up, and Vera just starts to try and walk to her. So, I guess my mom is going to have to be around for Vera to walk!

There have been 2 times where I have been able to leave Vera, with Kiara there, too, in small nursery settings. She did great and enjoyed playing with the other kids. The second time I took her, she wanted right down to play. I won't be leaving her on a regular basis yet, but it encourages me that we will be able to leave her and be able to get babysitters!

One of Vera's favorite things to do is kiss! I think we have given her a warped view of kissing because anytime she says goodbye or hello to anyone, she puckers up for a kiss. She won't always actually follow through with the kiss, though. Even the old man at the grocery store who talks to her because he thinks she is adorable, she leans forward and puckers up for him.

Vera has grown at least one inch and 2 pounds.

She is very quick, you can't take your eyes off of her. She is constantly finding something she isn't suppose to open, get into, etc. She is now able to reach our door handles and can open the doors if she works at it a little bit.

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