Monday, March 23, 2009

March happenings...

We had been busy this month and have enjoyed the bouts of beautiful weather we have had. Here is a picture of the girls on their picnic table. Obviously, I couldn't get a good picture...
I am happy to say that I did reach my goal of getting the girls to JcPenny to get their picture taken. Yay! They aren't the best, but at least I have done my motherly duty. Vera would not sit in one place for more than one second! It is amazing we got ANY good shots.

I planned the Upward Basketball Award Ceremony that was on March 21st. On the same day, Ryan went to Chicago for his fantasy baseball draft. So, both of the girls stayed overnight at my parent's house. Vera did great! She slept 12 hours and took a nap. She had a great time. Thanks, mom & dad!!

Vera is as busy as ever and is now 17 months old! She is walking a lot, but still isn't completely stable. I put her on the scale the other day and was shocked that Vera weighs 24 pounds! She has gained 5 pounds since we brought her home. It will be interesting to see where she is on the growth charts when we go to the pediatrician next month. Vera loves to open all my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Luckily, once in awhile, the Tupperware drawer will keep her attention.

Kiara is as sweet as ever. Some days the things that come out of her mouth make her sound so old, makes me sad. She is growing into a little lady. Kiara loves clothes and will sometimes change her outfit 4 or more times in one day! She loves puzzles and has started to learn to read and can even do some simple addition. She is a very smart girl. Her teachers at school love her.

Kiara went on a field trip to the local children's museum last Friday. A note had been sent home the week before saying that parents could come. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to watch Vera, so I wasn't able to go. The day before the field trip, Kiara comes home with a sad face asking if I could go with her. I knew I couldn't, but I called Ryan to see if his morning was clear at work. Luckily, it was and the best daddy ever went on the field trip with her. Below is Kiara and Ryan on the "big bus that doesn't have seat belts", as Kiara would say.

Next month we are looking forward to going to Phoenix at the end of the month! We can't wait to spend time with Dani, Bobby and the girls. Before that, Kiara will be off of school for spring break.


Holli said...

Vera is so sweet and as CUTE as can be! So glad she is packing on the pounds- I am not even trying to be like her but am doing the same!:)
love the updates keep them coming!

Barbara said...

Vera and Kiara look wonderful. I am so happy to see how well Vera is doing. She has gotten SO big! Go Vera. :-)

Matt and Katie said...

Love her face as she is walking it is so cute!!! It is like she is saying look mom no hands:) OK looked through all my calenders and found nothing so asked Nate and Joy and of course Joy said I have no memory so was no help but Nate right away said we went bowling at the Christian Center because he worked there then and was bummed to go there to bowl! So I can now rest knowing that I figured it all out!!!!(with Nate's help)