Tuesday, April 21, 2009

18 months old...

Wow, I can't believe Vera is 18 months old already! We met her when she was 13 months old and now she is a year and a half old.

We went to the pediatrician last week and I knew Vera had grown, but she has grown beyond my expectations. 3 months ago, Vera weighed 20 pounds and was 6% on the growth chart. Today, she was a little over 24 pounds and almost 50% on the growth chart! 3 months ago, Vera was 30 inches and 37% on the growth chart for height and today she was 32 inches and a little over 62% on the growth chart! Our little girl isn't so little anymore!

This is a picture of Vera and her cousin that is only a month older. Aren't they cute?

I had a couple of concerns to talk to the doctor about. Vera has a bit of a "duck" walk, but he said that should correct itself by the age of 3. You can almost always hear Vera breath, so I was a little concerned about that. But, he said he couldn't hear anything in her chest or lungs, so she just has a cold. So, my question was, "So, she has a cold all the time?". He said that kids have 7-8 colds a season.

I have noticed that when Vera gets hurt, she looks for me to comfort her. I didn't realize that she didn't do that until she actually did it, does that make sense?

Vera now will sit and look through books or bring a book to me to go through the pages with her. Vera also loves music. When she hears it, she will bop around. It is so sweet to see Kiara and Vera dancing together.

Vera can say 3 things. Mama, Dada & Night Night. I think she calls her blanket her Night Night. She is becoming more and more attached to her blanket. One of the corners of the blanket has a knot in it, she will find that corner and put it under her chin and then pop her thumb in her mouth. It is so cute.

Vera loves to go places. She will bring me her shoes or coat because she wants to go somewhere. Here is a picture of Vera waving goodbye to Kiara as she leaves on the bus.


Amy said...

Look at that little tummy on Vera in her bye bye picture!! Good for her!

findingourdaughter said...

Wow, what a transformation! She has changed SO MUCH!
Way to Go Vera!

Dani said...

I cannot wait to see that big belly in person! Tomorrow!