Monday, April 6, 2009

First family vacation...

We took a little trip together as a family of 4 for the first time. It was a lot of fun and soooo good to get away. We went to Fun City in Burlington, IA. It is a complex of 2 hotels, event center, restaurants, arcade, laser tag, bowling, indoor go carts, small indoor waterpark, and an outdoor waterpark. I think I got it all! It was less than a 2 hour drive up, which was nice to see how Vera did with an extended car ride. She did pretty well.
When we got there on Sunday, they were having a special Family Fun Day in the event center. It was nice, but everything was in one room and it was packed. We waited an hour to have Kiara's face painted, but it turned out great. Then, we lined up for the easter egg hunt. Well, I think there were four times more people than they expected, so they basically ran out of eggs. Kiara got to go in and find one egg! But, a nice lady gave her a couple more eggs. She ended up with $15 for the arcade, so I think she made out okay.
Our little tiger!

Next we had dinner at one of the restaurants and then went back to our room. No joke, below is the amount of leftovers that we took out with us! I don't usually get an appetizer, but they had fried cauliflower and I couldn't resist. I filled up on that and could hardly eat any of my main course. Ryan got fried shrimp and I have never seen so many in one order before! He ate the rest of them for breakfast!
Ryan and Kiara left to swim at the waterpark and I put Vera to bed. She did great for only sleeping a half an hour in the car on the way up for a nap. She basically went right to bed, but did wake up several times in the night. We were all up at 8 AM and got ready to swim.
The waterpark has a great toddler, younger kid area. It has lots of different little slides and things to play with. Kiara loved it. Vera loves her baths, so I was hoping she would like it too, and she did! Ryan would take her down the slides and she would make the sign for more because she wanted to go again. It was Vera's first time in a swimsuit and first time swimming!
My little poser!
After swimming, we went and ate at the buffet restaurant. Then, we hit the arcade to use all our arcade money. There really is only one kiddy ride in the arcade for Vera's age, but she seemed to enjoy watching everything going on.
This is Kiara playing Deal or no Deal.
Next, we packed up and were headed home. Vera basically fell asleep right away. I think she would have slept the whole way home, but we had to stop to let Kiara go to the bathroom.
It was a great vacation for the first time as a family of 4. Now, I am praying that my kids travel as well when we go to Phoenix in a couple of weeks.


Holli said...

looks like a great time!!! Phx will be GREAT but a little HOT!:)

Dani said...

Nik - pictures are great! Love Kiara's face paint...that looked really cool. Vera in a swim suit is waaay too cute...can't wait until she's here in our pool! We are getting all ready for you the pool today...even got some floaties and child inner tubes all ready to go! Can't wait!

Amy said...

Sounds like a great time! have fun in Phoenix!