Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter weekend started with Ryan and Kiara dyeing eggs on Saturday. It was even nice enough to do it outside. It is always so wonderful when a messy activity can be done outside!

On Easter morning the girls were up a little early, they must have known the Easter bunny had left them some goodies.
Next, we were off to church. Kiara went to Sunday School and then all 4 of us went to the second Easter service. Kiara was able to go to children's church for the second half. Vera lastest the longest in church that she has ever, so the morning was a success. We need to work on getting her to be able to stay in the nursery, but I am not sure how to make that happen.
Then, it was off to my aunt's house. We had a yummy lunch and then had an Easter egg hunt. One of my cousins has 2 year old twins and they were so much fun. One loved the Easter egg hunt and the other just wanted his grandpa to take him for a ride on the riding lawn mower.

Vera and Mi Mi

Vera and Pa

Then, it was back inside to open the Easter baskets. It was like Chrismas! Here is Vera modeling one of her gifts. Vera even took a 2 hour nap on the floor in a make shift bed Ryan made.
Next, we were off to my other aunt's house. Kiara got to play with her cousin the same age and we had yummy ham sandwiches for dinner.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I feel very blessed to have such a great family and that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again, so I can spend eternity in heaven.


Jackie said...

Happy Belated Easter Nichole! I love the photos! More and more I am amazed at how much vera looks like you. Both your girls are so sweet. :-)

Marc, Julia & Cole said...

Vera looks adorable as usual:) Clearly she is thriving with all of you. All Our Love, The Fischer Family.

Janell said...

Hey Nicole, just got caught up on your blog. I loved your life lessons post. I love how God encouraged you when you needed it. He's good like that. :) He cares about the details. Praying your gym routine gets easier! Hang in there!