Friday, May 30, 2008

5 Dossier tips

Here are a few tips I have after preparing 2 dossiers in the last year.

1. Don't forget to take change with you for parking meters when you go to get your dossier authenticated/apostilled.

2. Call your state capital to check on your notaries before you travel there. Make sure their stamp has the right expiration date, their name is spelled correctly, and if their middle inital is used. Then, they should sign like it is on their stamp.

3. Make sure you know ahead of time, what type of payments your state capital takes.

4. Make sure your notary is notarizing a signature. If you need a copy of a license, there should be some verbage on the page that says they certify this is a copy of an original and then someone signs it, probably the person whose license it is, and then the notary, notarizes that signature. Don't just have a copy of the license, the notary stamp, and the notary signature and date.

5. Don't expect things to go perfectly, because they won't no matter how thorough you are.

I feel like there are more things I should have to give you. But, either that is it, or I will remember them later. Feel free to ask any questions about the tips, I know they might not be completely clear.


Valerie said...

Great list Nichole! I actually got a good laugh out of remembering each and every one of those experiences from putting our two dossiers together last year! So glad that you are done and hopefully done for good this time around!!

smctiver said...

What signature?

Who's signature?

Do they even have a middle initial?

What color stamp?

Jurat language?

It's all so annoying and I'm glad that we're both done all except for the man behind the smoke & mirrors at the State Dept!!!