Thursday, May 29, 2008


Can you tell I am happy? My dossier is off to V at AAC! I am so happy to be done with it!

I had my medical appointment yesterday and we got the rest of our papers notarized, also. Then, last night I was emailing back and forth with V to make sure everything looked right. At about 8 PM she asked me if she had sent me the Power of Attorney documents. Oh, no! Now I have 3 more documents to get notarized before I go to the capital in the morning! I should have read my instructions closer because it said I would get those documents closer to when I submitted my dossier. For some reason I was thinking we were suppose to fill those out closer to travel. Since our printer at home does not print legibly enough, I put the documents on my thumb drive and went to my favorite place, FedExKinkos.

Then this morning, I went and got the documents notarized before I left to get everything apostilled. It was a beautiful day for an hour drive. I got there fine and gave my documents to the nice lady. She came back and said she could apostille all my documents except for one! For the copy of my doctor's license, the notary had just signed/dated and stamped it. Usually there is verbage that says something like 'I certify that this is a copy of the original' and then someone signs it. So, the notary is notarizing the signature. I am going to do another post of tips I have learned putting 2 dossiers together. Well, I was able to write up a document saying that I certify that it is a copy of the original and then attach it to the copy of the license. Then, they notarized it there and then apostilled it. There is always something, no matter how thorough you are. So, then about 20 minutes later, I had all my documents. I got back to my car and there was 1 minute left on my parking meter, perfect! I drove to another FedExKinkos, made copies of the apostilles and then shipped off everything to V. Then, drove an hour home.


Katie and Pete said...

Congrat! You are on your way. Isn't it a great feeling?


Amanda said...

I had the same kind of thing happen with our Doctors license with dossier #2!!! I am so happy it is all finished. Now on to the next step, a little girl.

Anonymous said...

So're right, doesn't matter how thorough. I am SO excited for you guys- &praying you get your referral quickly you deserve it!

Dani said...

Congratulations, I know that feeling of accomplishment and relief that it's all done. The good thing about working on a dossier is seeing the end in sight, the worst part is the waiting when you have nothing to do for your adoption but to sit and twiddle your thumbs.

Erin said...

Yeah!!! So happy for you. I know the craziness of it all first hand! Now we wait...:)

KimAbraham said...

Hello, I just recently discovered your blog and wanted to let you know that I LOVE your positive attitude about everything. And your daughter is simply adorable!

We started our adoption about the same time in 2007 and came very close to using V to adopt from Hungary. She was so nice and seemed to really care about what was in our best interests. We didn't even have Russia on our radar at the time, but we're very glad that's where we are now.

I sure hope you get a quick referral. Keep the Faith!