Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Russia...

More than 700,000 orphans are living in 2,000 state-run orphanages. Of those, 95 percent have a living parent unable to or unwilling to care for them. That doesn't include the estimated 2 million to 4 million homeless orphans living on the streets and in railway stations.

Of those who are not adopted and leave the orphanage between the ages of 16 and 18:
50 percent of the girls become prostitutes
40 percent of the children become addicted to drugs or alcohol
40 percent commit crimes
10 percent commit suicide

Also...Just 1 in 10 former Russian orphans becomes a functional member of society.

132,500 children are abandoned to the state in Russia every year, up from roughly 67,000 in 1992.

Nearly 4,640 Russian orphans were adopted by Americans in 2005, down from a record 5,865 in 2004.

13 out of every 100 children adopted by Russians are eventually returned to the orphanage.

40 million children in the former Soviet Union are living in poverty.

Sources: Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Commission for Children at Risk, Human Rights Watch, European Children's Trust, Rosstat Agency


Ute said...

Nichole - I know, these statistics are so horrible. Sometimes I look at Christopher and I wonder what would have happened to him, if we wouldn't brought him home. The thought alone makes me cry and so sad for all the kids left behind.

Russia is a wonderful country - with A LOT of problems. Bringing a child home from Russia is a wonderful , rewarding thing - for you and your family as well the child , which will be your child for the rest of your lives :)

Tammie & Craig said...

the statistics are really sad........i saw a show about this once.....I'll be praying for you Nichole!

Dani said...

Thinking about any child that has to grow up in an orphanage makes me sad. I wish it weren't so expensive or I'd have a houseful of kids. Too bad more people don't open their hearts as much as you do Nichole.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole- can you send your email my way???

And I love to see at God work. He has a very special little girls just waiting. I'll keep praying for you!