Thursday, May 22, 2008

Police Clearances - CHECK! Home Verification - CHECK!

Well, I am feeling much better today. But, it was a tough couple of days. My goal was to finish my dossier by Friday, May 30th, and send it off to my agency. Then, I learned that to be able to get my dossier to my agency in time, I would need to get everything done by Thursday, May 29th. Since Memorial Day is between now and then, it gives us one less working day to work with. But, I figured out how it all could happen, then I learned that the Executive Director at my home study agency was on vacation and I needed him to sign one form. What, one signature was going to keep me from getting my dossier done?! So frustrating! Then, my social worker called and said she found out he hadn't left town yet and she was on the way to his house to get his signature before his flight! C is wonderful and I can't thank her enough. I am so thankful that we picked the agency we did to do our home study.

Wednesday was a big day. Kiara and I went and picked up a letter from my doctor that I needed and we went to FedExKinkos to make some copies. Then, C came for our home study update visit. So, she gave me some papers I needed and she should have our update done on May 28th. Then, all 3 of us headed over to the local police department to get our local police clearances.

Today, we went to my mom's office, she is a realtor. I had to get a form signed by a realtor that describes our home. I also had to get a copy of her license. I also picked up our police clearances and am happy to report that neither of us have a criminal background and 'to the best of the police department's knowledge, our conduct has always been commendable'.

Also, in the last couple of days I have been able to talk to V at my adoption agency more about the Russa process and I feel much better. It is wonderful to be working with someone that cares so much and is patient with me during my emotional times! We were told a week or so ago that the referrals, especially for girls, had slowed down a bit. So, we aren't expecting a referral as fast as we first thought. The earliest we would probably receive a referral would be in September. So, I am just ready to get this dossier done and enjoy one last summer having only one child. Kiara should be a lot of fun this summer.


Anonymous said...

The woman down there was really nice...but I do know what you mean. I kinda feel like they're all like that in any official gov't building (inc. DL facility.) I was in and out in 5 min. So easy. I was just getting my dossier stuff around today...dumb ?, but Police Clearances...did I already do that?!? Is that the same as background check?

Amanda said...

YEA!!! So close, what a good feeling everything going so smooth! September will be here before we know it. Today our high for the day was 55 degrees I am getting worried we will never see summer, running the furnace at the end of May is just crazy. Well I am sure you will have a GREAT summer with Kiara.

Holly said...

Congrats on the progress, Nichole! I know from personal experience how hard it can be to do this stuff all over again, but I'm sure that you're doing this for a reason. Your sweet baby is in Russia! Even though it's frustrating going through all this paperwork again, I felt so much more confident the second time around... you know, having a better idea of what to expect! We will be praying for you.

Nichole said...

I agree with you, Holly. It is much easier the second time around, knowing what to expect and not being so overwhelming. The first time, though, I had so much more excitement and energy to get it done that I didn't have this time. Probably because this kind of all came out of the blue and I wasn't anticipating putting another dossier together. Congrats on your court date!

Ute said...

Nichole, I am sooo happy for you, that you feel better and I KNOW, you will fifnish your doosier by your deadline :)

I have some Russian adoption books, if you like them, I can sent them to you :)