Monday, May 19, 2008

House Deed - CHECK! Employment Letter - CHECK!

Yeah! I got my house deed and it was super easy. Maybe the easiest part of my dossier. All I had to do was go to the county Recorder's office and ask for a copy of my house deed. They looked it up on the computer and printed it out for $1. It was a rainy day, I had never been to this building and it is in a town I am not familiar with, so I was prepared for a disaster. But, I had great directions from my hubby sp Kiara and I found it without a problem and there was a parking spot right in front of the door. Also, Ryan brought home his employment letter so that is done, too. I was also able to make new medical appointments for me and Ryan. So, those will get taken care of next week.

Next on the list is to meet with our social worker on Wednesday for our homestudy update. Hopefully, Thusday I will take care of our home ownership verification that needs to be done by a realtor.

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