Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mother's Day and today...

I thought I would share a few cute pictures from the last few weeks. On Mother's Day we had a family gathering at my mom and dad's. It was also the last time I saw my sister before she moved to AZ. Kiara and her cousin, I guess she would actually be her 2nd cousin, were playing hide and seek and I thought they got pretty creative with their hiding spot. What do you think? Can you find the little girls?
It was nice that I actually got a good picture of Kiara and myself on Mother's Day. I also have a great picture of my sister in our pink spandex color guard outfit from high school. But, I should probably keep that as blackmail material.

Today Kiara officially got her first bike. It is actually on loan from a friend whose daughter out grew it. Ryan had to put a new tube in one of the tires and adjust the seat and then she was off. We were trying to tell her how to pedal backwards so she could brake. You don't realize what a 4 year old thinks. She thought we were saying her bike was going to break!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


Rachel said...

I could never think up some of the stuff kids just naturally go to in there minds! Break, brake! I LOVE that kind of stuff!

Holli said...

Drake said-
Her first bike? Mom is she a kid with no toys:)
He must for get your basement!:)
she is looking so old! it can't believe not to long ago she was sleeping away in the pack-n-play in my upstairs loft.... time goes way to fast!

Nichole said...

Holli, that is so funny! He must forget the basement! I still can't believe how big our kids are. I feel like Gwen should still be an infant since I haven't been able to see her grow up! Miss you guys!

Ute said...

Happy Memorial Day to you too, Nichole.

Love those pics of Kiara and her cousin in the plush animal pyle.