Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An early Mother's Day present!

Like mother, like daughter! Kiara came home from school today with a Mother's Day present she had made. My mom got her off of the bus, so she couldn't give it to me then. But, as soon as I got home she got it out of its hiding place and couldn't wait to give it to me. I am the same way, once I have a present for someone, I can barely stand not to give it to them. I think I got this from my mother, too.
We always have to close our eyes when we are getting a present. :)

I received a beautiful coaster made just for me by the proud girl above. I am very blessed to have such a sweet and loving daughter. I love you Kiara!

This is a horrible picture, but I just had to share our matching double chins!


Ute said...

Kiara is such a cutie AND- she will be a great big sister.

Isn't it the greates when they make something especially for you. Chrisopher sometimes makes these necklaces out of cheerios and gives them proudly to me. But most of the time he takes them back a few minutes later and eats them up. I guess the thought is what counts:)

Holli said...

how cute!
PROMISE CALLING YOU TONIGHT! Sorry I am such a bad friend!