Sunday, May 18, 2008

We will miss you Aunt Dani!

My sister moved to Phoenix, AZ this week! She is getting married on New Year's Eve to Bobby, who lives in Phoenix. We will miss her soooo much. We have never lived so far apart and it might be a little hard getting use to it. I know Kiara will miss her Aunt Dani. Luckily, Phoenix is a nice place to visit, so we will have to visit often. We are a close family that gets together often, so it will seem strange to not have Dani there! Below is a picture of me, Kiara, Dani, and my mom at a bridal luncheon that her coworkers had for her before she left. (Kiara had come right from schoolt that day and she had gotten her face painted like a butterfly.)
So, late last week we went and helped Dani pack up her crates to move. As you can see below, Kiara was a BIG help! Luckily, we are blessed with 6 cousins who are strong men and Scott and Travis were kind enough to lend Dani their expertise. Along with my mom and dad, we were able to get her 2 crates packed up in a little over 2 hours. After Dani's stuff was packed up, we went out for pizza and wings. Below, you can see Kiara enjoying her first chicken wing. Luckily, I didn't have to help with the hardest part, unpacking at her new apartment in AZ! My mom and dad flew out to help, along with Bobby and his brother, I think. They had to take everything up 3 flights of stairs!

Adoption update: I have spent my week working on my dossier and not much else. My weightloss efforts have gone out the window until I can get my dossier done. I have made great progress. Tomorrow I will be working on getting a copy of my house deed. I think I need to go to the county recorder's office for that, but I am still not sure. If anyone knows for sure, feel free to let me know. Hopefully, I am right and I will have that done tomorrow. I am waiting until late next week when my mom gets home from AZ to help me with a couple of things I need from a relator. Since she is one, I will be using one of her friends. Our social worker is coming this week to do the visit for our home study update. So, at the end of this week, all I should be waiting on is the home study write up and to get our medical exams and local police clearances done. I am hoping to make those medical appointments tomorrow, hopefully for the very end of May. It is hard with Russia because the police clearances and medical exams are only good for 3 months! So, you don't want to get them to early. Since my home study is suppose to be ready by March 30th. I am hoping to have those done around the same time. Then, I can take everything to the state capital to get authenticated.

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