Monday, December 8, 2008


So, Vera's plane ticket didn't come in the mail and the mail came later than it usually comes. We didn't get on the road until about 2:30 PM. It was nice, though, to not feel rushed when you are trying to finish packing for a 3 week trip. We made the trip up to our hotel without even one bathroom break. We got ourselves setteled in our room and then we made our way to the Old Chicago that is connected to our hotel. Then, Ryan and Kiara changed and went to the pool. Unfortunately, the pool isn't as good as we anticipated. The pool itself isn't heated at all, so it is cold. The hot tub is maybe 80 degrees. Kiara still had fun in the hot tub using it like the pool. Ryan was rather disappointed because he was looking forward to sitting in the hot tub. So, I am not sure if we will even use the pool tomorrow morning. That stinks because I was hoping to wear Kiara out using the pool so she would sleep on the plane. But, since it is 10:30 PM and all 3 of us are still up, she will still probably be plenty tired to sleep tomorrow night on the plane.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. How great. I can't believe you're on your way. I'm so excited for you and praying for you each step of the way!!!

Holli said...

seriously they are twins! pretty soon you will have your own!!!:) love you guys! praying like crazy!