Friday, December 12, 2008

Day of Court...

We had some issues sleeping last night. Kiara was exhausted by all of the walking and we had her to bed before 8 PM! Ryan and I didn't go to bed until after 11 PM. Well, Kiara woke up at 3 AM and was wide awake, so Ryan and I took turns setting her up with shows to watch or something to do until 7 AM. We all then fell back asleep and the next thing I know, Ryan is waking me up and saying it is 1 PM! We were getting picked up at 2:30 PM, so we had an hour and a half to get ready. I never dreamed we would sleep that long. I was glad we did, though, because I didn't sleep much from 4 AM to 7 AM and I was worried about being exhausted for court. Hopefully, tonight goes better. We all put on our Sunday best for court. Kiara looked adorable in her dress.

M picked us up and we went to the orphanage to pick up the deputy orphanage director to take her to court with us. We then had a pretty short drive to the courthouse. The courthouse looks like a pretty modern building and is really nice. We left our camera with the security guard and checked our coats with the coat check and then went upstairs to wait for court to start. The deputy director is very nice. While we are waiting she looks at our pictures of Vera with Kiara and seems to really enjoy Kiara, even though she couldn't speak any English. We probably waited 45 minutes after court was suppose to start before we went in.

Kiara had told us that she wanted to stay in the hallway with M while we were in court, which was only suppose to take 15-20 minutes. Well, when it was time, she wanted us to stay with her and she didn't want to go into court! She had been an angel all day and the most important time I need her to behave she starts to have a meltdown! Well, she goes into court with us in tears. She does pretty well, but a couple of times she asks me if she can color!

The court room looks like a pretty typical American court room, or at least what I picture one to look like. I am not sure if I have ever been in one! It is a small court room with the judge's stand at the front of the room. To the judge's left sat a lady at a big desk that I think was her secretary. To the judge's right sat the prosocuter and she faced the middle of the room. The back of the room behind a railing is where we sat with our translater and on the other side of the aisle the deputy director and social worker sat.

The judge starts by telling us our rights. Ryan is elected to be the main speaker for us. She probably asked him 10 - 15 questions. What is your name, occupation, when were you married, describe your home, do you have children, have you met Vera, do you like her, have you seen her medical, does your family know and support your adoption, who will stay home with the child, why did you decide to adopt, etc. Ryan did a great job. Then, it was my turn. I think she just asked me my name, have I met Vera, do I like her, have I seen her medical and do I work. Then, the deputy director goes up and gives her report. Which, she mentions something about Vera having been diagnosed with a small throat, but it was later taken off her medical reports!? Never hear that before! But, she says that she supports the adoption. Then, the social worker gives a short report and says that she supports the adoption. Each time the prosecuter is given a chance to ask questions, but never has a question. Then, the prosecutor gives a short report and says that she supports the adoption. The judge then leaves the court room to make her decision. Less than 5 minutes later she returns and reads her report. It is amazing how our translator can keep up with her! I don't know in where she actually said what her decision was, but when she said that Vera is now offically Vera Marie Wolland, I assumed she decided in favor of the adoption! I wasn't real nervous for court, but it felt great to have it done!
Here we are in front of the courthouse after court. Guess we should have taken a picture before court! It gets dark here around 4 PM!

After court, M drove us to the orphange and by this time it took quite a bit longer to get to the orphanage. We had about 45 minutes with Vera today in the orange room. At least Vera matched the room today! When they gave her to me she gave me a little smile, so I think she recognizes us and must like me at least a little bit! She didn't take to Ryan as well as she did yesterday, but I am sure she was tired, too. Kiara and her played their knock the cups out of my hand game. Then, we had to give her back again! Kiara and I went to the restroom while M took Vera back to her room. Kiara was upset again about having to leave Vera there. It has to be so confusing to her as to why Vera is her sister but she doesn't come with us.

Then, M drove us back to the apartment which took about an hour. Ryan and Kiara each took a little nap on the way home. That might be part of why Kiara hasn't fallen asleep yet at midnight, that and sleeping until 1 PM! I hope tomorrow isn't a miserable day getting to and from the orphanage!


Dani said...

There are those black shoes again! She REALLY looks like "little orphan Annie" when she wears those! So glad all went well...hope you are off in la la land happily sleeping right now!

The Gardners said...

I am so glad court went well for you guys. I love the family picture. I can't wait to meet her.

Lori said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went smoothly in court! I bet it has to just be a huge weight off your shoulders. I'm really sorry to hear that you can't keep her with you during the 10-day waiting period. So, what happens now? After the 10 days do you have to go back to court or just go pick up your girl and bring her home? We are all enjoying following you guys on your trip and the kids are loving the videos! Payton loves seeing Vera and Kiara together! Love you!

AbbyMel said...

What a great pictur!!