Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 8 of the 10 day wait...

Well, we are almost there! I can't believe in a little over 2 days, Vera will be with us forever! Tuesday can't get here soon enough!

Well, Ryan still woke up in the night but had a 5 hour and 3-4 hour stretch of sleep. So, he is doing better today. Kiara and I both didn't fall asleep until 1 AM, but slept through the night. I can't wait to get home to my bed and my chiropractor!

Today it was interesting to watch the people on the Metro since it is a Saturday. I can see differences between the weekdays and the weekends. The old ladies that ride on the weekend are serious about getting a seat to sit down in! One lady even went over to a young man and tapped him on the knee and he got up and gave her his seat. During the week there are more people on the Metro, but no one is real pushy. I feel like people were a pushier today even though there were less people to contend with. When we ride during the week, as soon as Kiara and I get on the train, it there isn't a seat a man usually jumps up right away to give us his seat. On the weekend, people were a lot slower to give up their seats. The train was usually moving by the time a seat was offered to us. It is just interesting to see the differences.

When we got to the orphanage, the Cyrus couple was in the orange room, so we stayed out in the hall. We were contemplating what to do, when a lady from the orphanage motioned for us to come into the orange room. They had moved the other couple into that exercise/play room we were in the other day. So, then I went upstairs to get Vera. I knocked once and didn't get any response. I knocked again and heard someone say something loudly. So, I went in because I wasn't sure if she was telling me to come in or not. I peeked my head in and Vera was sitting at a low table with another child and the woman was feeding them. I hadn't seen this caregiver yet, she must be on the weekend shift. I could tell she told me that she would bring Vera down to me. Vera didn't even see me because she had her back to me.

First, the boy for the Cyrus couple was brought down. He is such a cutie, but each time we have seen him he has been in a purple hat that has a heart on the front of it in sparkles! Poor guy! Very quickly after that they brought down Vera. Ryan took her from the caregiver and she cried just a bit. But, after she saw the phone, she was all smiles again. I think it must take her a minute to register who the caregivers are giving her to. They had her in a yellow and green hat today, which really made her look like an orphan! We took that off after a couple of pictures. When I tried to put it back on when the caregiver came down, she pulled it right off!
It was another good visit, but it went really quickly today. We didn't get her quite as quick as yesterday and they came to get her at 1:45 PM instead of 2 PM. :( We weren't expecting that. She remembered "crazy baby", I just have to say "crazy baby" and she starts shaking her head. I also taught her how to do "So Big". I was surprised how quickly she caught on. She also laid contently on her daddy and played with her hat.

We didn't take as many pictures and video today, partly because the time just got away from us. And, the pictures start looking that same after awhile, especially when they keep putting her in the same outfits. The outfit she had on yesterday was under the orange one today.

After the orphanage, we got off on the Metro stop that is closer to the grocery store we frequented on our last trip so Ryan could get more Mt. Dew. We also went into a kids store that is like a smaller version of a Babies R' Us. They had these electronic carolers in the window that Kiara wanted to go in and see.
This is a picture of the high rise we stayed in on our first trip.
So, after our trip home, I made dinner of chicken vegetable soup and crackers. Now, I am updating the blog and Ryan is doing the dishes, what a good man! So, it will be a quiet night in the apartment. I will work on Body Step a little and I think Kiara will be taking a bath.

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ma_saxsma said...

So exciting that it is almost here!!! I pray that the complete transition goes well for all of you. Looking forward to hear more! Melissa