Friday, December 5, 2008

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking...

Time is going by quickly before we leave for Russia. Today is Kiara's last day of school before we go. She will spend the night at both of her grandparent's houses the next 2 nights, so we can get things packed. Then, Monday we leave for Chicago and Tuesday we leave for Russia! I have a good amount of packing done, but I am still nervous about it all fitting and not going over the weight limit. After I am done packing, I need to clean Vera's room.

I am getting nervous about how Vera will react to us. I just pray that things go as smoothly as possible especially with eating and sleeping. I am also worried about keeping Kiara entertained in the apartment for 20 days! I am sure it will all be fine, but it doesn't keep me from being nervous.

It is really neat to see Kiara getting more and more excited to go to Russia and meet her sister. I can't wait until my girls are able to meet!

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The Gardners said...

We are so excite for you guys! I will be praying for it all to go smoothly for you.