Friday, December 26, 2008

Houston...we may have a problem!

M just called and said that for some reason the US Embassy here in Moscow just decided to take an extra day off! M had asked them personally if they would be open on December 26th and I had sent them an email and this is the response I got:

Mr. and Mrs. Wolland,

Thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that the US Embassy Moscow will be closed only on December 25. We will be open on December 26, and December 29.

Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Unit US Embassy Moscow, Russia

M will ask the Embassy on Monday morning if she can present our papers right then and we can have our appointment on the same day. Typically, the papers are presented the day before the appointment. If that doesn't work, Ryan will go there personally to ask. So, pray that they will have mercy on us so that we don't have to try and change our airline tickets.

I think Ryan is going to write our US Representative in case we need a little help convincing the Embassy. I feel like I should be shocked that this happened, but I really am not surprised. Nothing in this process surprises me anymore. You can prepare as much as possible and things can still not go right.


Amy said...

Fingers crossed!!!

Laura said...

Oh no! I hope you are able to get everything done on Monday! Your christmas sounds a lot like my Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great weekend and I will pray you get all you need done Monday!

Dan and Holly said...

OMGosh!!! That's just ridiculous! I'm praying for you guys!!!!!!!

Holli said...

I will be there as much as you will have me! Can't wait to see you and meet VERA!!!