Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 6 of the 10 day wait...

Well, I don't have any good news about getting Vera early. We hadn't heard from M by the time we were going to leave to trek to the orphanage, so we gave her a call. The deputy director said that she is not going to take that risk. The good news is that we will probably only make our trek 3 more times now that we are done with today's. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I just can't wait to have Vera with us!! It is so hard not to just put her under my coat and take her with me when we visit her! LOL

Ryan had the best night of sleep he has had since we got here! Yea!! He still woke up several times, but was able to go back to sleep. Kiara is completely back to normal and I got to bed a little earlier at 1 AM.

When we got to the orphanage, we greeted the security guard like normal. We went inside, put our little booties on and waited in the hallway. We never heard the phone ring, so I don't think the guard called to tell them we were there. We were about ready to hunt someone down when V showed up with another family. So, he told us that from now on we can just go up to her Groupa everyday to get her. So, we will see how that goes tomorrow. That will be nice, though, because we will get to see her more in her natural environment. V took us and the other family to the music room for our visit. They brought Vera in first. They brought the other couple's son in shortly after, and they must be in the same groupa because the caregivers pointed over to Vera for the little boy when they brought him in.

Vera cried again today when they gave her to me. The caregiver didn't leave right away and was talking to her, so I think that kind of drew it out. But, always shortly after she is in my arms, she will give me a smile! It is nice to know that she likes her caregivers, it makes me feel like she is well taken care of. Vera always has to see what is going on when she hears a sound, so with the other couple in the same room it made it harder to have her attention. But, they were only there for about 30 minutes because they had to leave to take care of paperwork. Kiara really enjoyed seeing V again. She asks almost everyday if we are going to see V or M. V is good with kids and will pick Kiara up and swing her around, so she enjoyed that!
It was another good visit. She likes to grunt a lot and is making more and more sounds. We got her to clap again today, so she hasn't forgotten that! Kiara enjoyed having Vera play with her belly button. See the picture & video below.

At the end of the visit, Vera enjoyed playing with her shoe lace. Here is a video.

So, at the end of the visit, we made our trek back to our apartment. We had a meal of Ramen Noodles and bananas. Below is a picture of us at our kitchen table in our apartment. So, the rest of the evening will probably involve a little laundry, a bath for Kiara, and I need to work on my Body Step routine. Not too exciting around here! Tomorrow after our visit with Vera we are meeting another family who is here with our agency, so tomorrow should be a bit more exciting. We are going to find our way to the Courtyard Marriott to eat dinner with them.


Dan and Holly said...

YAY! Not much longer now! The Courtyard was our home away from home. Dan loved the cheeseburger at the Flat Iron. I got the "potato jackets" one time and it's a stuffed baked potato. Even the potatos wear coats--LOL! Have fun!!! :)

Dani said...

Dang it...I wanted good news! Oh well...the end is near! Hey...looks like Vera got a hair cut today, right?! Love both the videos...she's so cute!

Nichole said...

I don't think she got a haircut. We thought that a couple of days ago, too, but then looked again and we don't think she got one. I hope they don't cut her hair before the let us have her, I would be afraid how short they would cut it!

Jennifer said...

Hang in there, it won't be long now!!! How long will it take to do everything needed to travel home after the wait?

AbbyMel said...

Just think, it's almost time to have Vera with you forever. I am so thankful that your trip has been good. Think of all the great time you got to spend with each other. I know it has to be hard to be with each other all the time, but you will come out of this so connected and strong.

Wonderfully Made..... Psalm 139:14 said...

I am just so excited about this whole thing. Yay I can't wait to meet her.

The Gardners said...

Love your dinner- ramon and bananas:)

I love hearing the updates and am excited to see her.

Sandy Forney said...

Grandma is antsy for you to come home with this new little girl! Hopefully soon we will have 2 new girls for her!
We love you all....can't wait!
Aunt Sandy