Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 2 of the 10 day wait...

So, we again didn't have a good night's sleep! I think Ryan and I would have ended up having a normal night of sleep because when Kiara came in our room at 2 AM, I think we were both deep asleep. But, the little one was wide awake at 2 AM. Ryan and her tried to lay down and go back to sleep, but they couldn't. So, they were up from 2 AM on and I got up at 4 AM. The nice thing was that we got to talk to my sister, Bobby, Kyndall and Megan on the webcam. We all went back to bed at 6 AM. Ryan had set the alarm for 9 AM, but either it didn't go off or it stopped beeping before we heard it. (Seriously, I don't know why you would make an alarm to stop beeping before someone stops it!) Anyway, we didn't wake up until 12:20 PM, basically when we were suppose to get to the orphanage to see Vera! Luckily, we called V and we were able to go later in the day. This jet lag stuff really stinks! I thought we would be adjusted by now. I wish I would have brought some Melatonin. So, I am sure Kiara won't be able to go to sleep much before midnight tonight and I am setting the alarm on my watch tonight, too!
We had all basically had breakfast when we were up before 6 AM, so when we got up we ate leftovers for lunch and got ready to take our first trip on the Metro without any help. It was nice because today is Sunday and there are a lot less people on the Metro. Ryan did great! We got there without any problems.
When you get to the orphanage you first have to talk to the security guard. He doesn't know ANY English and we know VERY little Russian. We basically said Vera's name and he knew who we were talking about. I could tell he was telling us to go around and go in and put the little blue booties on our shoes and then he was pointing like he would go back in his little shack. We had thought that he would escort us in. But, I think now he was saying that he would call and tell them we were coming in. We go in, put the booties on and stand in the hall until we see someone. She gives us an inquisitive look, Ryan says Vera and basically puts his hand to the height she is, the lady says oh, Vera (in the more Russian way) and leaves. We wait for a little bit and wonder if we had communicated what we thought, but eventually a caregiver brings her in. They must always put extra clothes on her or change her clothes before they bring her down because it always takes a bit.

We were in the beautiful orange room again, so my pictures and video will all have an orange glow! Vera just keeps getting more and more fun to be around. She is definitely comfortable with us and it doesn't take her any time to remember who we are. They had her in her Tinkerbell sweatshirt again, and Kiara wore her Tinkerbell shirt just in case. Kiara brought a board book about animals to read to her, which was adorable and there is a video below of it. Vera really liked the book. I think she liked the animals and she liked to gnaw on the book. Which, she started gnawing off the paper so Ryan tried to take it from her. Wow! She didn't like that! I wish we had a video of that. But, we distracted her and hid the book. I love this about this age that you can redirect them so easily.

She was very comfortable with all of us. She sat on all our laps and seemed quite content. She loves the stacking cups that we have always had with us. She is now banging them together and trying to put one inside the other. She was a bit more vocal tonight. Sometimes, she will try to repeat a sound you make.

We try to just let Vera go a little to see what she will do. Today we got to see her pull herself up. She can get around on her own, I just don't think she showed us a lot of that in the beginning. We have seen her crawl and cruise a lot more, too.

When we got back from the orphanage, we made some dinner and called the grandparents. I attempted my first load of laundry. I think it turned out okay except that I must have missed a kleenex in someone's pocket! You can't do over 4 pounds at a time, so I think I will be doing at least a load a day for awhile. Here is the glorious machine I get to use and my beautiful model!


Dani said...

Kyndall and I just read the blog and saw the pics and videos. Hope we didn't keep you up too long! And hopefully you get back in a good sleep rythym soon too! Love all the pics...thanks for keeping it all updated!

Dani and Kyndall

Holli said...

love all the pictures!
welcome to my world of laundry! seriously it seems to consume my life!:)
keep the post coming!:)

Katie and Pete said...

love the updates! Vera looks like she has been with the three of you forever already. I bet you cannot wait to get her out of the ophanage. Hang in there, not too much longer.

The jetlag is horrible, I hate to tell you this, but I don't know if I ever really got over it. Pete did and he napped all the time. I didn't nap hoping it would make me more tired at night but that never worked.

Keep the pictures coming, your girls (isn't it wonderful to say that) are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the updates and especially the pictures! She is a perfect addition to your family. Keep updating us - I check every day.
Aunt Susie

Wonderfully Made..... Psalm 139:14 said...

So exciting. I love keeping up with this.